(With one-to-one support.)

Dear Friend,

You're reading this because you want to write a book. You may have stumbled on the page, or you may have been recommended to take a look by an author I worked with.

Either way, welcome!

You're not alone

The hardest thing about writing a book is the feeling that nobody else quite "gets it".

They may think you can do it, and wonder why you are making a fuss.

Or they may think you will never do it.

Or they may not give a toss either way - even your nearest and dearest.

Get help

It’s overwhelming even to think about writing a book. I know that, because I've done it myself and wondered if I could really see it through.

(I did. And now I've published seven books in 16 languages. But that's enough about me.)

Allow me to suggest how we might do this together.

To be clear: we’ll be using AI, but not to generate all kinds of nonsense.

We’ll use it in combination with your expertise, in the shape of things you have written in the past as well as the recorded, transcribed conversations you have on Zoom with me.

Why Write A Book Proposal?

The point of a book proposal is not so much to make a sales document - for you to find an agent and a publisher.

Naturally, that's part of it. But we're writing your book proposal so that you have a road-map for where you want to go with your book.

Allow me to tell you about a man I have been working with.

He has a contract with UK and US publishers. It’s worth a lot of money, and it was based on a book proposal he worked up with his agent.

Over more than a year, since signing that deal, this author has been writing the book itself, while also doing his high-pressure day job.

By the end of last year, he had finished the first draft. We set aside every afternoon for several weeks, to go through each chapter he’d written.

Finally, when we’d gone through each chapter, we went over the book as a whole.

To do this, we turned to the book proposal.

We read it out loud, line by line, on Zoom together. We asked each other if the manuscript he has written does in fact match what he promised to write.

It did - and a bit more too.

In other words, a good book proposal is for YOU as much as it’s for anyone else.


How Do I Work With You?

Whether we’re writing the book proposal or the book itself, we’ll meet twice each month on Zoom for 60 minutes.

I’ll record the conversations, make a transcript and send you a link to the AI tool I use to “interrogate” the transcript for more detail.

You can add highlights, make comments and more.

Gradually - chapter by chapter, month by month - you’ll write the book.

I’ll read as much as 5,000 words a month - not more, unless by prior agreement. I’ll print it off and make comments and suggestions in red pen on paper. Then I’ll scan the annotations and email it to you.

In the second Zoom call of the month, I’ll talk you through those annotations, so that you can decide which suggestions you like, and leave the rest.

You can of course text or email me between sessions with questions, and I’ll be available for short conversations between times (no more than 15 mins, please).

Monthly Drop-Ins, and a Private Group

I’ll also give you access to monthly group Zooms I run for authors, and a private group on Telegram, where I hope you will find mutual support and accountability.

How Long Will This Take?

Many of the authors I work with have already got publishing deals, and (therefore) tight deadlines.

Others, who don’t happen to have a deal yet, frequently find themselves running over the predicted period of our work together.

I understand why that happens, but I don’t think it helps anyone. I like deadlines, and believe that a deadline will give you clarity.

With the best will in the world, procrastination can get in the way.

So please be aware that if we go over the predicted period of work together the monthly charge will go up by 10% - each month!

You don’t want that to happen, and nor do I.

You want to set a realistic target, and to finish on time - or early.

Please know that I will do everything in my power to make that happen.

Save Yourself Time

But I only want to work with people who are truly committed to writing.

If you were learning to parachute, you COULD do that by reading a book, and watching videos on YouTube.

I'd rather take lessons from people who know what they're doing before I jump out of a plane.

You might say that writing a book is not hazardous like parachuting. And for most authors that's true.

But it can be time-consuming. Every day, we pay others for their expertise to save ourselves time.

Not just "specialists" (plumbers, consultant doctors) but even grocery shops that save us the hassle of sourcing our food directly from farms.

If you work with me, you'll extend the range of your writing. You'll be more productive. And you'll have an ally.

You won't be alone.

I'll give a lot of thought to your project, and carry it in my mind for months on end.

Here's What To Do Next

Please use the form below to apply for a 15 minute conversation with me.

We'll discuss your project, and you can ask me any questions. It's much better that we're clear before we start working together.

If you've read this much, you know that I'm confident I can help you.

Here's what a couple of published authors have said about me in the acknowledgements pages of their newly published books:

"JP Flintoff: deepest thanks for helping me think through countless issues, and for your unwavering encouragement" - Charlotte Fox Weber

"A million thank yous to John-Paul Flintoff, editor-supremo, for strengthening the book in manifold ways, and for inspiring and pushing me on" - Jim Leary

Don't Panic

Your investment in mentoring with me is £1,000 a month.

And listen.



If that puts you into a panic, DO NOT DO THIS.

But if you're serious about writing a book. . .

Don't Pay Me!



If you would like to proceed, please fill in the form below, and we’ll make a time to speak.

Get Your Book Written - Fast 📘⏩

I understand that this service starts at £1,000 per month and I am able to make that investment.